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Have u ever heard of cat not minding cut nails AND filing them NOT sharp?

umm noHave u ever heard of cat not minding cut nails AND filing them NOT sharp?
We cut our cat's claws often.

Just don't cut too close or they will bleed.

Look at the claw and you will see a sort of line where it is too close.Have u ever heard of cat not minding cut nails AND filing them NOT sharp?
mine don't mind when I cut their nails, but I've never tried filing them -
my cat loves getting into the shower with me. she loves getting wet. doesnt run from the water hose either. shes strange.

Clipping/filing cat nails?

Is it possible to take maybe a 100 grain nail file (used for acrylic nails) and soften the edges? Has anyone tried this?Clipping/filing cat nails?
Get your cat a scratching post! Or you could take the cat to the vet. My vet will clip my cat's nails for $15. (It's worth it since she hates it and tries to scratch and bite-not very tolerant)Clipping/filing cat nails?
If your cat is not cooperative with clipping, get a helper. Wrap the cat securely in a towel %26amp; let the helper hold %26amp; comfort while you do the clipping.. If you do it often, it will be easier because you just need to clip the very tips off..
Absolutely. It would take longer to file them then to trim them. Your local vet or pet store should carry nail trimmers specifically for cats. They're relatively inexpensive. If you can get your kitty to sit still long enough to file them, then there should be no problem!

Good luck!
If your cat will sit still for that it will work.

Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?

i dont usually file my nails as i dont need to they all grow quite long (not too long! just a nice length) even and perfectly round, but i want to do a french-manicure..with square nails as it doesnt look right with round!

i know how to file nails but it seems everytime i try to file a square shape, the edges end up rounded off so my nails just look round again!

is there a special way off doing it properly??Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?
While I have the opposite problem (nails grow square, dunno how to round them) I think growing them out longer than you want them, then filling the tips down until they're no longer rounded might work. Don't try to file the sides at all, and don't even think about touching the corners with the file.

Also, square nails tend to break a bit more, the edges catch on stuff easily.Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?
File the sides of your nails in a straight up and down motion. But not too much. Then file the tops of your nails straight across without going down around the edges. I hope you understand as its hard to explain without showing. Hope i helped :)
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If she is scared to do it herself she can take kitty to a groomer/Petco/Petsmart or the vet for a trimming service.

I have a gray calico and was scared to do it myself cause they were hard to see with her coloring (even her paw pads were different colors 3 are black one is pinkish)

Took her to Petco and they charged 10 bucks lasted for a few weeks. When she had her last vaccs at vet I had them do it and supposedly they did a trim and file for 10.50 and it didnt seem to last any longer than the trim at Petco.CAN A KITTENS NAILS BE FILED OR CUT?
thank you for the points.

This is my third cat in many yrs but first one I ever had to trim nails. The other two were older cats and never scratched me but this kitten omg.

Hope your friend's kittys gets her nails done and your friends scratches heal

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Sure they can! They make little clippers you can pick up at a pet store for around $5. Your coworker needs to train her kitten to learn that hands and feet are not toys tho. Its common for kittens to want to play with hands and feet, and while its cute, it makes for bad habits later in life.
yes the get cut or as most people say ';trimming'; or ';clipping'; by special clippers here is an instructional video on how to do it:

hope that helps thanks

PS. do it while the kittens are resting or after having a nap
You can buy the clippers at Petco for less then ten dollars but you have to do it in small amounts. You can also buy petpaws and put it on their nails. It kind of molds to the nails so that they wont hurt when he scratches.
In my experience I have seen that as long as the kitten is older than eight weeks it is ok to cut their nails with either a human pair of nail cutters or a special cat/kitten nail cutter. Hope this helps!
I just use regular finger nail clippers (ie: the ones for humans)

Wait until the kitten is calm and resting and just clip off the ends. If you clip to much you will draw blood and the cat will not be happy.
Yes I cut my kittens nails. You only need to cut off the very tip of the nail when they are kittens, that way they are not as sharp and do not break the skin as easily. Just be sure not to cut the quick.
I trim nails starting at 5 weeks old and do it weekly.
They can be filed or cut.

Is filing and buffing ur nails the same thing?

as titled.

thank you !Is filing and buffing ur nails the same thing?
No. Filing is shaping around the edges of the nail to create the shape - square or curved. Buffing is smoothing the top of the nail with a buffer or an emery board. This can actually help your nail polish to last longer and not chip!Is filing and buffing ur nails the same thing?
Nope. Filing is generally just smoothing out the tips of your nails. But buffing usually involves a finer-grade tool or a progression from rough to fine tools to smooth and shine the entire nail.
No its not filing is going on the edge and buffing is smoothing the top of ur nail with a buffer.
filing is shaping your nails and buffing is done on top of the nail to get rid of ridges
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  • Filing nails down?

    I'm a guy and was just wondering is it ok to file my nails down, when I cut them their jagged and not a good shape.Filing nails down?
    YES! Please file down those nails! For your ladie's sake! I prefer groomed nails on a man any day! And please keep them clean! If you're working in dirt or grease, run your nails over a bar a soap so the grime can't get underneath the nail and it's easier cleaning in the shower. Thank you from all the woman out there if you follow these directions!Filing nails down?
    you have to after u cut them, women dont want guys fingers to look ugly and etc. cut your nails after u shower so that way they are softer to cut.
    Definitly! If your nails are rough and jagged, you should use a file to smooth them down. (what woman would want to hold your hand if the nails are jagged?)
    Yes it's ok you want to look nice and clean so keep your nails manicured I know alot of men who get there nails manicured but no polish
    place your nails in jelly to make them strong.......being a guy doesnt mean u cant file your nails.

    Tips for shaping and filing NAILS?!?

    I like to file my nails in a square shape. Can you give me any tips for filinf them into perfect shape?Tips for shaping and filing NAILS?!?
    Do not file the sides of the nail - this will weaken the structure and make them more breakable. File only the top.

    Make sure your file is not to abrasive or it will cause fraying at the tip and will also be more breakable. I recommend a 240 grit for natural nails.

    Good Luck !

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