Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can i cut or file my kittens nails off or down ?? =] xx?

my kitty keeps hurting me and i don't want to not pick her up and stuff and i want to be able to cuddle her without her nails hurting me... can i file them off or cut them down or summat ?? xxCan i cut or file my kittens nails off or down ?? =] xx?
You can cut or file them.

However, it's not something to do if you don't know how.

There is a vain in their nails that if you cut will bleed very bad. That will harm the cat.

You can take them to a groomers..they cut nails.

Or you can learn how to appropriately cut them and keep some styptic powder. The powder is used when you accidentally cut a vain...it stops the bleeding.

I suggest you take them to the groomers and be observant while they do it...ask for tips as well. Then, when you feel you know how...you can attempt it on your own. Just remember, styptic powder.Can i cut or file my kittens nails off or down ?? =] xx?
Of course you can cut them or have them cut. You can also talk to your vet about having her de-clawed.

Good Luck :]
first off, do NOT get your cat declawed. Declawing is pretty much like if you were to cut off fingers at your first knuckle. very painful.

you need to establish trust with your kitty. and get a pair of kitty clippers at a local pet store. what i do is when my kitty is calm and i can get a good handle on his paws, i trim just the little bit off the end of the claw. he will probably squirm a bit until he knows it wouldnt hurt but just that little bit will help a lot. i usally trim my boy's nail about 3 weeks to a month apart after about then they get pretty long.

hope this helps. =)
You can trim the claws. It's best to have a groomer or the vet show you how to do it the first time. Keep in mind kittens don't like to be cuddled alot and if she's clawing you it means she doesn't want you holding her. Try playing with her with toys and things instead of holding her.

Do not have your kitten declawed. Declawing is where they cut off the first joint of her toes to permanently remove the claws. It is very painful and can cause the kitty to start biting or stop using the litter box (because it hurts to dig in the cat litter). It can also cause arthritis and other health problems for her later on in life. Here is a website with some good suggestions on keeping your kitty from clawing inappropriately.

when they are kittens, you can get dew claws removed. you can also get her declawed, but if she is an outdoor cat i wouldnt.
You can have them trimmed. Please don't have them declawed. It's actually illegal in the UK and various other places. I just commented about it on another question - it is the equivalent of a human having their fingers cut off at the first knuckle and is only done for our convenience. It's horrible. Please, please don't do it.

You can easily have them trimmed and they ;earn pretty fast not to hurt you. My cat never scratched :-)
Don't waste time trying to file nails. Get some good cat nail clippers (I like the scissor kinds) and trim the tips off weekly. Be careful you don't cut too far back - look for the red vein in the nail.

Wrap the kitten up in a towel and do one paw at a time. I train mine to sit back in my lap and have them done.

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