Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Toys to Keep Bird's Nails and Beak Filed?

What are some good safe toys to keep a conure's nails and beak naturally filed down?Good Toys to Keep Bird's Nails and Beak Filed?
I agree with Skydanz. Also don't make the common mistakes that a lot of people make. They buy wood toys that are too hard for their bird (some birds will only chew on soft woods and not hard woods). Another common mistake is buying wood toys that are too large for their bird's beaks.

The cost of buying toys is so high, people buy toys hoping that they'll last a long time when actually the goal is to buy toys that your bird will destroy quickly. There are a lot of good sites on the internet for making your own toys (DIY). Also you can find more information at some of the internet groups (See Kibibi's Internet Group link below for more).Good Toys to Keep Bird's Nails and Beak Filed?
Use a pedi perch or something similar:鈥?/a>

Either put your bird's favourite toy or food or water next to it so he goes on it a lot. Make sure it is thick so the conure's nails rest on it.

Use natural branches with bark instead of wooden dowel perches. These are one of the best things to help keep nails and beak filed. Make sure the branch comes from a bird-safe tree and isn't sprayed with chemicals.鈥?/a>

Cuttlefish bone may help with the beak plus is a source of calcium.

Never use sandpaper perch covers.

Hope that helps. :) I don't know any specific toys that will do the trick, sorry.
Cement perches help really well with that. Just make sure they have other perches too so it doesn't cause bumblefoot!
Seed sticks are treats only. While cuttle bone is critical for the all important calcium, it is much to soft to do any good for beaks. What your bird needs for effective beak and nail grooming is one of the perches often called ';cement'; although they are not cement. Cement would be dangerous. You can find them at pretty much any pet store. Here is an example of one.鈥?/a>

Take note of the size of the perch as compared to the size of the bird's foot. That is the match you want. The toes must contact the perch and not wrap all the way around. That keeps the nails in contact with the rough surface. But, don't make this the only perch your bird has as it would be rough on the bottoms of their feet if it was all they had to sit on. They also need one natural limb type and one of the soft twisted rope styles. They need one soft surface so they can get relief from sitting on hard surfaces, 24/7.
It is very hard to keep your birds nails filed so it is best it you get some sand paper for your bird to walk along frequently (put it in a place where your bird spends a lot of time). your bird will bite a lot best is cuttlefish bone wooden perches for you bird to nibble on.
Try putting one of those seed stick things in the cage. hang it from the roof.

Or try cuttle fish, that's what i use :)

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