Friday, May 14, 2010

Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?

i dont usually file my nails as i dont need to they all grow quite long (not too long! just a nice length) even and perfectly round, but i want to do a french-manicure..with square nails as it doesnt look right with round!

i know how to file nails but it seems everytime i try to file a square shape, the edges end up rounded off so my nails just look round again!

is there a special way off doing it properly??Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?
While I have the opposite problem (nails grow square, dunno how to round them) I think growing them out longer than you want them, then filling the tips down until they're no longer rounded might work. Don't try to file the sides at all, and don't even think about touching the corners with the file.

Also, square nails tend to break a bit more, the edges catch on stuff easily.Filing nails into square shape? help girls!?
File the sides of your nails in a straight up and down motion. But not too much. Then file the tops of your nails straight across without going down around the edges. I hope you understand as its hard to explain without showing. Hope i helped :)
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