Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it wise to get my kittens nails cut or just filed down?

This really bothers me when she wants to be affectionate and I'm pushing her away because I don't want to get scratched? Help!!Is it wise to get my kittens nails cut or just filed down?
if she's an indoor only cat, then you should get her nails clipped every couple of months (depending on how fast hers grow). if she's an indoor/outdoor cat then you can probably wait a little longer because being outside naturally helps control the length and sharpness of her nails.

i would suggest clipping rather than filing because cats don't like their nails being messed with and clipping is quicker and easier to do. though both have risks (clipping too far can cause her nail to bleed, but it will be ok) (with filing you could jam her nail which would be painful for longer).Is it wise to get my kittens nails cut or just filed down?
I guess this is your first cat. there are nail clippers you can buy at a pet store to clip her claws. you can't file them, let the a vet show you how to do it or someone with experience in clipping. There is a web site you could visit. http://www.felinvideos.vetcornell.edv/he鈥?/a> ... they have instructions on caring for your kitty...Sorry I believe that the web-site is not correct, maybe other viewer can help you .....
Yes, or else your kittens will tear your furniture to shreds
Just filed down, getting thier nails declawed is painful for the cat. Also if they ever get out they could climb to get away from thier enemies
Hi again!

It's a better idea to get a scratching post and maybe a spray, like bitter apple, that will keep your kitten off something you really want to protect. As far as getting scratched yourself, it will happen, but its ok. Kittens are energetic and playful. As they get older, you'll get a lot less scratches, just like they'll wake you up at night less. Try to hold her and play with her anyway. It'll get easier. If she's your only kitten, you might think about getting a second. If she had a playmate, she would go to you less(although she'd still need you), and still be happy

If you cut a claw, it will crush the claw and you risk her getting a very dangerous foot infection. I've seen this more than once and it's not pretty. It's very painful for the cat or kitten, expensive for you and, especially for a kitten, dangerous to its overall health. I have a cat now that came to me with a foot infection. After a long treatment and a lot of pain and sickness, he is now missing a toe.

So, I think it is really not worth it, but if you must, go to a good vet. Most will try to explain to you that it isn't necessary-- if she has something good to scratch on, she will take her claws down the right amount on her own. However, if you insist, a vet can show you the best way and should tell you that a sharp implement is less likely to crush a claw than a dull one (nothing from the grocery store or pet store is probably good enough),

Btw, a kittens back claws should always be left alone. She won't use them to scratch, so you don't need to worry about it.

I'm sure there are people who will file your kittens claws for you, I don't know. I can't imagine any of my cats allowing it, at any age.

Really though, I recommend a scratching post, maybe the bitter apple spray and a sense of humor. Cats and kittens have claws, they scratch. You will get some scratches and so will your home - it's kinda like breathing or licking their fur, there's no way to stop a cat from being a cat.
Either one would be fine, trim or file. It's good to get them started now so they are use to it......

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