Friday, May 14, 2010

What's better for your nails? Cutting or filing?

I have a friend that insists that filing is better for your nails, because when you cut them, it bends them and makes them weaker/break. She has really nice, long nails, however since I started filing my nails, instead of cutting them they seem to split more than they used to. Which is better for them? I am having problems growing my nails because they split all the time.What's better for your nails? Cutting or filing?
Cutting your nails is better. Just cut bit by bit at a time. Not one whole chunk and trying to squeeze the clipper and do one cut. Using a proper natural nail filer and filing it one way to prevent nail breakage.

She and yourself have different nails, therefore you can't compare.

Cut your nails and if you wish to shape use natural nail filer.

Use Revita nails I highly recommend for weak brittle and split nails.What's better for your nails? Cutting or filing?
hi there, there's nothing wrong with cutting them. when people obsessivly file, they are actually doing more harm to their nails. they making tiny little spliters and breaks in their nails and that tends to cause more breaks in them. if you want your nails to be stronger and longer, i'd try Sally Hansens: Hard as Nails. its basically a clear nail polish (i think they may have colored now too...i have a light pink sparkle) and it will actually strengthen your nails and make them stay strong when they're long.
You should cut your nails.

They sound like they are weak and so filing is just going to break them and spit them. If you cut them a little then they will get stronger, if you want to shape them then file them a little but only file in one direction. Also you can put some nail strengthener on.

they are both used for kinda different things. you should probably cut your nails first (if they are too long for ONLY filing) then file for the shape you want.

if your nails arent too long, just file them to keep them under control.
Chew them off. That's what the real humans did.
biting your nails is better
your friend is right it si better to file them...
I bite 'em. It saves on clippers and it tastes nice.
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