Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can i file down my own gel nails, or will it effect the coating?

i'm thinking about filing them down, because i don't know if they will be to long for work or not.Can i file down my own gel nails, or will it effect the coating?
I regularly have gel or acrylic nails done as i find them to look more uniform than my own. I often file them too, although i use a set of 4 different ones, each with a variation in grit texture. The most coarse is used to shape the nail %26amp; will get through thick gel/acrylic with no issues. The remaining three files are essentially a set of ';buffers';, you can pick these up in drug stores or nail bars for a small cost, they will leave your nails with the original shine you left the salon with...finish with a top coat of clear polish applied in 3 strokes (one in the middle, two either side) and nobody will be any wiser that you've touched them up yourself :)Can i file down my own gel nails, or will it effect the coating?
Vancouver all the way and I don't even have to explain why is the best city in Canada....

Many reasons why toronto is NOT....

'; I think Toronto sucks because it's very overrated. It's just a crappy version of New York City, and all the Toronto radio stations talk about it as if it were some American cliche, where dreams and miracles meet reality, when really, it's just a big dump.

Drive twenty minutes out of the rich downtown business districts, and you're in the slums. It makes Harlem look like Beverly Hills.

There are bums sleeping on the sidewalks and most areas look so run-down that I wouldn't dare to stop my car, much less get out of it. I'm tired of waking up to ';another stabbing/rape/shoot-out in Toronto last night'; on the morning news.

Actually, what I hate most about Toronto is what they did the the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It was such a beautiful old building, and now it looks like it sprouted some kind of ******* robotic tumor. I'm sure I'll get some thumbs down for this answer, but this city is a national disgrace.

If they can keep Ottawa looking so nice and clean, then they should pay a visit to southern Ontario';


My source is from another yahoo user why answered a question '; why does toronto suck';

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You could do, but they wont stay the same shape you had when you got them done,also it can be quite had to file gel nails as there quite thick and hard just make sure you only do the free edge and dont go over the tip :)
yes, make sure you remember to keep the original shape of the nail though xx

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