Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nail Filed Down Too Far?

While getting my nails filled at a nail salon the woman doing my nail shaved part of it down to the skin. I ended up just getting another woman to put a base coat, clear nail polish, and the gel on top after cleaning it with alcohol. Is that safe? Will it heal? and how long will it take?Nail Filed Down Too Far?
Yes it will heal. As for taking 10 days..?? No, maybe if you want a significant growth, but otherwise nails grow everyday, it will feel better within a couple of days.

To help the nail grow faster put a dab of lotion on the nail and rub it using your finger for a few seconds. This stimulates blood flow in the cuticle and nail bed helping to promote more growth. For example, if done everyday for about 10 seconds on each nail you can have twice the amount of your normal growth in a week. Trust works, I'm a nail biter and when I have an event coming up I usually do this to help them grow fast.

In the mean time keep a band aid on it during the day if you can see the flesh, you can put a little Vaseline on or just leave it bare. At night keep the band aid off so it can heal.

Nail polish will sting. There have been times when I cut too far into my cuticles when removing them, or there may have been a hangnail I ripped too far, exposing under my skin and nail polish never made it infected. It stings when applied but it almost acts as a barrier, if you leave the nail polish on the skin. Or you can put some liquid band aid on it.

Top coat is fine.Nail Filed Down Too Far?

That stinks =(
Yeah it will heal..

Might take a lil while..

Maybe 10 days..

thats a lil less then mine took...

if it burns at all..

i was told to put vasaline on it
it wil heal anoda nail shud grow.if it burns or hurts then put vaseline on it.

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