Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you file the top of your nails without making them too thin?

I always do the fine grit on the top then buff and shine but I notice I lose a lot of nail thickness, they turn into potato chips almost. So, is there a trick to getting rid of the ridges??? Or getting nails to grow thicker?How do you file the top of your nails without making them too thin?
There are buffers on the market that you do use on the surface of your nail but theyre only designed for once a month usage of minor ridges. If your nails are badly ridged then its best to use a ridge filler base coat, you are weakening your nail severely by trying to buff out deep ridges and in turn are probably making them worse. You can keep up the buff and shine part of the regime (as long as its not creating dust...dust means thinner nails) Also apply cuticle oil twice a day, the buffing and massaging increases blood flow to the matrix which in turn results in strong healthy (and in my opinion faster) nail growthHow do you file the top of your nails without making them too thin?
You don't file the body of the nails. You only put cuticle oil and massage that into the nail and then buff. You file the nail tips flat across, evenly and round the edges a little so as to reduce the sharpness left from filing. Your nails will be stronger when filed that way. You don't want pointed tips because they will break. Don't do the potato chip deal any more. Doesn't it hurt?
Ew! Don't do that! Ridges or not, don't file your nails like that! It hurts my teeth to think about it. Just put on a thick layer of nail polish (actually several thin layers) to even out the ridges. Yuck. No offense. But yuck!!!
taking calcium pills with strengthen ur nails, also their are clear nail polishes specifically made to help strenthen nails..can get that at like a walmart.
your only meant to file the top of the nail not the surface.
only go in one direction when you are filing ! if you go back and forth that will brake the nail down
just do it a little bit..enough to give it some shape

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