Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My husband loves to file my toe nails for sexual enjoyment?

How do I get him to stop? Its creeping me out!

(is that better)My husband loves to file my toe nails for sexual enjoyment?
Oh yes much better i love your humorMy husband loves to file my toe nails for sexual enjoyment?
Wear shoes. All the time. lol Keep your nails too short for him to mess with. Or...explain to him it's not only something you do not enjoy, but something that bugs you. You're both adults. You should be able to talk about this.
That would also creep me out. I understand that some people have foot fetishes, but not me.

Tell him you have other things that need attended to complete your sexual enhancement.
feel lucky to have such a good hubby ,,,you ingrate woman ,,,,considering divorce rates in america is 60% ,,,,you have got a very nice man [hes doing it out of love],,,
Allow him to paint his own toenails. That's what he really wants. No one has to know. He can wear socks during lovemaking so that you aren't turned off.
Hmmm I would just tell him it makes me uncomfortable but some men are weird %26amp; have ';foot fetishes';.
soo what let him enjoy it ur his wife and you should be there for his kinky fetishes otherwise hell pay some Asian women at the massage parlor to perform on
Sexual enjoyment?

I got nothing. This is gonna bother me all day.
It's just a little foot fetish just enjoy it. Can't be all that bad. There's a lot worse things that he could like to do.
i dont see nothing wrong with that, just be happy he like to touch your feet. ill behappy if my husband would just enjoy to rub my feet..

be grateful!
Just tell him, that it makes you feel uncomfortable. That is very different though. lolZ.
Get him a job at a nail salon.
OMG that is weird.
ahhhhh, so hes a foot man??? let him. if its an easy way to get him in the mood to move north, y do u care? ;))
It's creeping me out too, Jay!

(better than what)?
u could let it slip that the guys at work better never find this little tidbit out! it could make him look gay? lol
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