Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do you file or cut your babies nails?

Every had any accidents? Is it hard to file them? Do you always wait for when your baby is asleep?Do you file or cut your babies nails?
I bite my daughters while she feeds. Its the only time she is still long enough!Do you file or cut your babies nails?
I use a tiny pair of baby nail clippers to trim my 9 week old daughter's nails and I usually do it when she is awake and calm (not too playful).

I've never had an accident, I make sure I hold her hand firmly so she can't move it and accidentally get cut.

I know you're supposed to file them for young babies but I couldn't do it efficiently.
I did have an oops and cut my little one while clipping her nails when she was about a month old. I felt terrible!

i started to file her nails down while she slept when she was a newborn, now i cut them also while she sleeps. shes such a busy body while awake and there will be MANY accidents!
Yes, I have had a couple accidents when my son was little. It is very hard to clip there nails at any age to be honest with you. I would recommend filing them, I filed my sons nails b/c clipping was too hard whether he was 1 month or 10 months old. Filing to me is alot safer for you and your baby! gl!
I cut my daughter's nails right after a bath, they are softer and sometimes I can just peel the tips right off. I put her in her boppy and prop her bottle so I can get to her hands. No accidents as she is still when she eats. Hope this helps =)
You can file them but i find the rubbing of the nail bed is too abrasive for their little fingers. -bite them, you will have better control of how far you cut, when they get a bit older then cut them.
I've cut them since she was born. Never had an accident. Sophie has actually always sat still and watched me do it!!! LOL it's so funny, like she enjoys her baby manicure!! :) She is now 2, and she still sits and watches while I do it!
Dad used to cut her nails but had an accident, now I'm chief cutter and I do it when she is calm. It doesn't seem to bother her too much. I just whisper soft words whilst doing it and she just watches me cut away.

Although I our daughter is still in my tummy, we've been told that as a way for dad to bond with baby, get him to bite the nails.
I file them alot more often than cut them. My daughter is now 3 months and I am just now feeling comfortable cutting them. They are just so small!! I only cut them after a bath when they are nice and soft, too.
i cut Hollys nails using baby scissors,she just sits and watches wondering what im doing,ive never had an accident *touches wood*.
when her nails need cut, i let her nap with me in the afternoon, i bite her nails when she is sleeping, then transfer her to her cot when im done.
so i wouldnt file not good...its better to cut them, but its hard when the baby is awake :) i would cut them when the little beauty are sleeping :)))
just be very careful when u file it ... surely u do not wan to hurt ur baby

make sure u have enough concentration when u do it ..



my mum used to cut my little brothers nails with a baby nail-clipper.
I would file them. Their skin so sensitive!
use a small nail clipper and be careful not to go too close.
i bite my daughters when shes just gotten out the bath, thats when there are softest

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