Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you file down acrylic nails yourself?

I have the salon acrylic nails with white tips and I was curious if it is ok to use a file to file them down myself if I wanna make them just a little shorter.Can you file down acrylic nails yourself?
You may file your acrylics yourself, but be careful if you are wearing gels. You will file down the ';seal'; and cause peeling. DO NOT use clippers, you will cause cracks in the acrylic that can lead to chipping and breaking.

Use a 180 grit file to take down length, then follow with a fine grain buffer to smooth edges.Can you file down acrylic nails yourself?
yeah i think so my sister had those nails and once the woman doing them had put them on she filed them before my sister left the shop so i guess if the beautician filed them then you can too
yes you can just go to any beauty supply store that sells supplies fro acrylic nails and youll see everything you need to make them your self. i tried that my self and they look great. xj :)
Yes. You can use nail clippers on them too.

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