Friday, January 15, 2010

Has anyone tried those Peticure or Pedipaws battery operated rotary pet nail files?

Which brand did you get? Peticure, or Pedipaws? Was it battery operated, or corded? If battery operated, did the batteries last long enough to do all of your dog's nails? Were you happy with the purchase?Has anyone tried those Peticure or Pedipaws battery operated rotary pet nail files?
Go for the Dremel! has a great price on them! Your best bet is to use it frequently even if you just go through the motions to get the animal used to you holding them firmly and the noise of the drill, plus the vibrations that the tool will make. I recommend that my new puppy owners use thier dremels weekly, again, the dog may not need his/her nails done that often but being around the tool more often will make them more comfortable with it and it will be much easier on you!! Good luck. Has anyone tried those Peticure or Pedipaws battery operated rotary pet nail files?
I did buy the Pedicure. It's the rechargeable one.

My dog is a boxer/chow mix and she hated and fought the old fashioned clippers but I had to try something as I have two small kids in the house and she would sometimes accidentally scratch them.

The Pedicure works GREAT! She doesn't fight it and it made the nails really smooth. The battery charge lasted just fine. Just don't press down to hard or it can split the nail. Also, do it outside because even though it has a dust/filing catcher on it, it still gets all over the place.

Good luck.
I bought the PediPaws last week for my 2 dogs %26amp; 3 cats. They all hate it. (It's battery-operated.) Now, granted, my Rottweiler is afraid of her own shadow, but she actually tolerates it the best. My Border Collie shudders in his boots (if he had any), and the cats' nails are so small, it's almost impossible to get the big wheel in there to do their nails. I wouldn't recommend spending the $20. I'll probably take mine back!
I talked to my groomer about these products and she said that they are still in the testing stages and that there have been cases where dogs nails have gotten caught in the guard and actually ripped out. She said it has even happened to groomers who have tried the product.

She used a rotary file to grind down my dogs' nails and that worked wonderfully. I will be checking out the Dremmel for use at the house. On the website they even have one for pet's nails!!

i got the pedicure and it works great, i have used it on my three dogs, my moms two dogs, and a Friends dog all on the same batteries and i still have life in to sounds from it, it sounds just like the Battery operated dremal that some have mentioned but this has a guard on it to prevent all the fly away dust from the nails..i got mine off ebay for 40 with free came with 4 Extra drill pads and is the larger one for larger dogs..
I haven't used either however I do use a rechargeable battery hand held drumel on my dogs nails. I've heard several people say that both of these make noise which their dogs do not like. My little rechargeable drumel (which I purchased at Wal-mart for $20) makes very little noise and my dog doesn't mine my using it on his nails at all. He just lays there and lets me file away. It's great and much easier to use. You can buy additional sanders for it at Lowes or Home Depot for about $5 and you get about 10 files in the pack. I wouldn't use anything else to trim my dogs nails. Here is the one I got at Wal Mart.鈥?/a>
I bought the battery operated version of pedipaws for my cat. I got 2 nails done and then it quit working. When I returned it, the cashier said they had had several complaints. I have never used Peticure, so if it gets good reviews from people on here I might go try it!
I have a boxer and purchased the large Peticure, love it... love it. love it. It has a guard, so when I am doing my clients pets, I don't have fur wrapped up in the dremel and it has a guard so you really can't over grind.
I bought pedipaws the other night and brought it home. I put the batteries in and and I couldn't get it to work. I'm taking it back the store.
i got the pedipaws it worked good after my dog got use to it the batteries are still good i have 3 dogs it lasted long enough to do each dog twice so far
I tried the Pedipaws. It works but you had better have a LONG time to do the nails. It was so slow. I bought a filing wheel for hubby's Dremel.
I bought one for my dogs (Peticure) and they do not like the tool at all. I would not waste my money. If you have a Dremel tool, try that first with a fine grit attachment. That's basically what it is.
Actually I have used a rechargable dremel for years. Works great and it's the same principle. Got it at Home Depot for about $30.00
I use a rechargable cordless dremel. Your local walmart or lowes or home depot will have one for sure.

Dr. Dog
Yup...Dremel is the best!!!!!!! Lasts longer and can be used for a lot of other things as well!!!!!!!!

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