Monday, January 18, 2010

How do you file your nails?

I've never actually done it before and I'm doing my nails right now. How do you exactly use the nail filier?

Please be specific in details! :)How do you file your nails?
okay -___-

lay your hands out, the palm facing you. then bend your hand so that the nails are facing you. use the other hand with the filier go from side to side.How do you file your nails?
Actually the best file to use is a 240 grit. Its best for use on natural nails, and is better than an emery board. You can get them at Sally's.
your not supposed to do the ';back and forth motion'; you are supposed to file one way.

i dont like filing my nails, i cut them then file them a bit.
i use a soft emory board
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