Monday, January 18, 2010

I swallowed a nail file an hour ago ( i was dared) and now I feel sick to my stomach and keep vomiting? HELP!?

What is wrong? I did not eat anything but my friend says its because of the nail file but i dont think that would be it would it? i was dared and i never back down.

All I know is that I feel so sick in my stomach and feel sharp pains every couple of minutes even if i am not moving at all.

i am in desperate need of help.. im not going to tell my parents because they always get mad when i get sick and i cant go to the hospital my family is poor and in our bank account we only have roughly under 200 dollars.

what can i do to make the pain go away? i had 2 spicy burritos last night.. coudl that be it?

HELPI swallowed a nail file an hour ago ( i was dared) and now I feel sick to my stomach and keep vomiting? HELP!?
If you really swallowed a metal nail file you need to go to the emergency room. Don't panic, just go on and go. Tell your prents you will get a job to pay for it--but go!

JimI swallowed a nail file an hour ago ( i was dared) and now I feel sick to my stomach and keep vomiting? HELP!?
Go to the emergency room now.

You are describing a 'perforated gut' which means you may have poked a hole in your stomach, and stomach acid and bacteria can be leaking with blood into your abdomen.

This can kill you quickly.

Also, if you have a sharp object inside you that has cut you once, it can keep cutting you. It can move around and damage major organs , arteries and veins.

Don't screw around. Get into emergency.
er now or u might die
Stop wasting time on the computer! Seek medical help immediately. Go to the emergency room!
you need to go to the er now they do charity care that could kill you
if its a paper file you will probably be OK,if it was a metal one that has a sharp end , are in danger.stop being stupid now even though you were stupid to even take a dare like that , tell parents and get to a Dr. now.explain it all and let your parents get you mental help after you get taken care of by the Dr.good luck , you need is costly and x-rays are easy, but death is painful in this situation.
well first of all if your close on money you should back down at everything that could risk hospital care, and its probly just the stomache reacting to the nail file..
YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR PARENTS AND GO TO ER NOW.......if you always take the dares then you are not to backward.

You CAN NOT DISOLVE or PASS a nail file through the bile.

How do you swallow a metal nail file and not cut the esphogus are you serious?
i saw you should hurry and get to the er no matter if your faily can pay or not you will recieve medical treatment
A nail file in your stomach can easily result in death if you don't get it removed immediately. Your mom may get mad when you get sick but how will she feel when you die? You can't delay on going to the emergency room. If you haven't already perforated your stomach or small intesting you probably will.
A nail file? That's not food. You could rip something if you vomit. Go to the hospital...they must care for you regardless of whether you have insurance or money to pay for it...that's something that can be handled later. Better you get help than die...I think that's what your parents would say.
If this is true ( and I have trouble believing it is ) YOU MUST go to an Emergency Room, this can perforate your stomach or intestines or colon and kill you quite quickly or cause a slow and painful death. You will likely need surgery to remove it DO NOT try to pass it on your own. Was it a metal nail file?

EDIT stop worrying about suing anyone and get tot he hospital. Do you really value money over living?

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