Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My kitten like emery boards (or nail files) and nail buffers?

If I use the emery board on my nails, she will stare at it like she just saw God. Eventually, she will wack at the board untill she gets it. Not only that, she takes my nail buffer too. I've resorted to hiding them both. Anyone else have this problem? Its kind of cute. I'm just curious as to why its only nail tools..My kitten like emery boards (or nail files) and nail buffers?
maybe that is her way of saying she wants a petacure. :-)My kitten like emery boards (or nail files) and nail buffers?
my friends had that problem and they went to a professional,now they dont have it any more.
All cats have their own favorite toys and it's almost never a ';cat toy'; . My favorite cat (that eventually ran away) used to somehow open my box of tampons and play with them until every single one was ';unwrapped'; and made into a big ball of fuzz....this usually happened at night so I woke up to find these ';fuzz balls'; everywhere...and there he was looking so Innocent and cute LOL...

I just love cats...such goofy little creatures. That same cat also followed me to the bus every morning and sat there staring at me until bus left...broke my heart lol...Maybe your cat has seen you using the emery board so much that she thinks ';hey that must be fun if she plays with it all the time';? Or maybe she just wants a manicure? ..She is a girl after all

Have a good day :)

What a cute little fascination she has.

Emery board , nail files and nail buffers are pretty much tiny little scratching posts aren't they. Both are rough and scratchy. And of course she sees you ';sharpening your nails';, probably wants to do it to. Maybe just doesn't know how to yet.
My cats have the same fetish with hair ties.. It's just a cat thing.. Light..Easy to grip.. there fore easy to play with..
Yep, my Allie always ';helps'; me do my manicures! It's just too cute!

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