Friday, January 15, 2010

Can I file my teeth with a nail file?

I have some little ridges that I would like to even out. Would this method be okCan I file my teeth with a nail file?
No, that is not advisable. The ridges are normal and will wear off by the time you're 20. If you file them you will damage the enamel of your teeth, setting yourself up for problems with decay.Can I file my teeth with a nail file?
I wouldnt do that hun you have alooot of nerve endings in your teeth, and if you did that, it may straighten the ridges, but also you'd probably never be able to eat ice cream again. Your teeth would be extremely sensitive.

Its not worth it, Just go to the dentist. (if u have insurance something like that might or might not be covered, you'd have to check), dont do itt yourself!
it would probably hurt
rose you nasty!!! dont talk to my friend like that!!

and idk if you could do that i would ask my dentist

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