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Can my hamster walk over sandpaper to file his nails down?

i dont have any money to take him to the vet, would him walking on sand paper help. its not really rough. its just the kind you use in a budgies cage. he just has a small piece in, its at the front of his house, so he has to walk over it to get into his houseCan my hamster walk over sandpaper to file his nails down?
What hamster is it? Sandpaper is better for little hamsters rather than big hamsters - in hamster books it says to use it for dwarfs as it is used on mice with no problem.

How long are the nails? Are they actually causing any discomfort? I've never had to trim any of my hamsters' nails but of course everyone is different.Can my hamster walk over sandpaper to file his nails down?
I totally agree with what everyone is saying, the sandpaper will damage your hamsters feet. You will need to cut them yourself if you can't afford a vet. Make sure you have the hamster restrained properly and make sure you can see where the vein is in the toenail because it will bleed a lot if you hit it. I find it a lot easier to have someone holding the animal while I cut the nails so you know the animal is secure and can't escape. Hope this helps!
No please don't put sandpaper in his cage.

His feet are delicate and it will scrape along his feet and cause cuts.

Did you search for it online and find sandpaper as the answer?

Not everything online is true, although it seems like agood idea it is very bad.

A wheel will grind your hammy's nails down, and it won't hurt him.

I own a budgie and a hamster, The sandpaper in a budgies cage is actually quite hard, try running you fingers along it, you'll see.

If you are going to put sandpaper made sure it it has a mostly smooth surface, but don't put it in the front of his house as his feet willl tread on it, the corner of a cage is good as it wont slip much and it's unlikey it will walk over it.

Hope it helps.
Hi, like said before sandpaper would be dangerous for your hamster. Esp his little soft feet.

If you can clip them and i totally agree its difficult and awkward id suggest getting either a hamster playpen you could put in a concrete/slab path or buying a slab and using it indoors (better for weather at the mo) as this will file but not hurt your hamster. also look at the toys you are giving him, opt for wooden toys over plastic as these he will grib on and wear away his nails.

hope this helps
I have a syrian hamster... well did have he died a few weeks ago :( who had really long nails. I didn't want to take him to the vet but when I went on holiday my mum cut his nails for me. He wasn't used to being handled either which I would of thought make it harder but as he was so old (nearly 4!) he probably didn't make a quick get away.

The vets will not charge no more than 拢5 you can always call them and ask how much it would be rather than them suffer as they only have to get a claw caught and it might pull and bleed.

I personally, would not use sandpaper as it is not something hamsters should have, as they chew most things you put in their cage.

I would suggest you either call your local vets and ask how much it would cost or go to the pet shop and see if they have anything that a hamster can use to file down their nails.

Its only as they get older, they get lazy (like us) so they don't bite their nails.

Hope this helps.
nope, that sand paper would hurt his poor little feet. plus, it would trim his nails down very well, and it could be dangerious if he decides to use it as bedding. its a creative thought though.

you could try a small plant pot( the ceramic kind) and put some dirt or bedding in there, so when he digs the pot trims his nails down.

you could also try and trim his nails yourslelf.

here a link of what the nails should look like....


its a cats nail but its the same concept. you don't want to cut the wick(blood vessel). just wrap your hammy in a hand towel, take a paw out and clip his nail. you can use people clipers, just make sure to turn it on the side(opposite way of when you cut your nails) so when its cut it doesn't twist his nail.

keep flower around just in case you do cut the wick, just dip it in some flower to stop it from bleeding.
hamsters are so tiny and delicate and they have such small feet. i wouldn't advise it as there skin is so delicate. they usually deal with it themselves and are able to sort it out. save up some money :) i wouldn't dare cut my hamsters' nails myself - i'd be scared of hurting them or something :)
No, the paper could sand the skin right off his feet, just get some small nail clippers and cut his nails yourself, but be careful not to cut the vein in the nail as it can bleed a lot

No it won't file his nails but maybe your hamster could chew on it.
no sandpaper you'll hurt your hamster. take him to the vet or a pet palor to get his nails clipped
he will eat the sandpaper before it does any good!
Walking won't do it. You'll have to teach him to tap dance.
noooooo, his poor litle feet and so delicate and soft!! Dont do that its cruel
ive never read anything so stupid

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