Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do salons apply false nails? Do them have to file you natural nails?

I'm thinking of getting my nails done, and false nails put on, but am nervous of the procedure they use. Do they really have to file your natural nails so the glue will hold better?How do salons apply false nails? Do them have to file you natural nails?
They file your nail just enough to give it a rough feel, this allows the glue to stick. It second take 2-5 sec for each nail, but watch the technican, and watch how they apply the glue it will be uncomfortable if it touches the skin at the tip of your nail. They will then apply a bonding liquid before applying the acrylic. After they dry, they will then file the nail and smooth them, apply an oil and ask you to wash your hands. If you are getting laser or gel nails the process is a little bit longer. The fill usually last 2 weeks.How do salons apply false nails? Do them have to file you natural nails?
I've never gotten it done, but my friends have and I think the manicurists just put the false nail over your real nail. they may have to narrow your real nail, I don't know.
omg! ive done my nails like dozens of times and yes they do ';thin'; or file ur nails gown in lenghth and in thickness! but they look so cute! but after ur nails falls off make sure u put some nailpolish or something so they dont break easily cuz its weak thatz if u want them long cuz they grow like crazy!
yeah they do. it destroys your nails when u decide to take them off too. but they look nice. and u have to spend 10-20 $$ every 2-3 weeks for a fill.
they do file down the natural nail before they glue on the fake nail and apply the wrap (acrylic, glass, etc...) to give it a smooth, natural appearance. some places file it by hand and that doesn't hurt it is just time consuming. other places use a motorized file which, if not used carefully, can injure your cuticles. but there really is nothing to be afraid of. i have gotten it done once but i prefer my natural nails but it wasn't a bad experience at all.
YES they do but its done with a sort of abrasive q tip and its done with both acrylic and gel nails MAXWELL PACEY HAMILTON ON CANADA
they do file your natural nails....it's not bat at all...if your afraid it hurts, it doesn't- at all....its just fun when they play with your hands and sometimes the other manicurtists give you a massage-at least i got one when i went last time...but don't expect that cuz the salon i went to was in upstate (near albany, ny) and it was pretty expensive.....they asked for $85 for tips..but the regular price is $28.....good luck!

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