Friday, January 15, 2010

I filed my teeth with a nail file?

They used to be very rounded but I was bored and started to file my teeth and now it's become a habit and now they are more, well not so rounded, I've runined myself. Can the dentist fix this? I know they file teeth more straight but can they do it rounded again????

If so how much does it cost?

And to the people who ask does filing your teeth hurt, No it doesn't hurt it just gives you a headache and makes you feel like an airheadI filed my teeth with a nail file?
you completely ruined the enamel in your teeth making them very weak and sensitive. this might cost you alot of money to fix depending on the damage you may have done. stop now before they become weaker and crack or chip on you. see your dentist.I filed my teeth with a nail file?
wow, thats a first...well i think you can get veneers but they are mad expensive hey ive got stuff that's messed up with me too even my teeth kinda suck but just be outgoing and personable and screw all the superficial toolbags that put you down, just be happy n live life
All they can do is file it down further. Shape wise it can be slightly closer to the way it used to be, but it can never be restored. Adult teeth don't grow any further once they're done.
i'm sure a dentist would be able to fix it but i don't know how much that would cost

good luck!

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nope that actually cant be fixed that easily... the dentist can fix it like they fix chipped teeth but it WILL cost alot of money for a little bit of filling so yeah good luck
That could have totaled your teeth but you can see an orthodontist?
*im sure that they can fix it, idk how much it costs

*filing your teeth isnt good for them, i filed down my canine teeth with a nail file and my dentist freaked out on me!
Please, stop filing your teeth! And the orthodontist may laugh but yeah go!!!
you poor thing... first off you need to see a therapist... second off see an orthodontist... thirdly.... COOKIES
Are u Silly??????........%26lt;%26gt;_%26lt;%26gt;, i think u aare a 4 yrs old kid, arent u?
omgg why in the world would you do that hahaha but just go to the dentist and see what he says wowww
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