Monday, January 18, 2010

Instead of declawing cats can't you just file their nails down?

I've always wondered this-why do people get their cats declawed when it's painful for the cat when they could just get them filed down or trimmed?

I'm not a cat person so I don't know so much about them. I'm a bird person, and with birds you're always supposed to file/trim their beaks when they become too long.. Can't you do this with cats?Instead of declawing cats can't you just file their nails down?
yes you can. and it's what i do, personally. it can be a bit of a hassle, and you have to do it once a month or so. some people don't feel like taking the time %26amp; effort to do so.

alternatively, there are claw covers called ';Softpaws'; that are an acrylic (i think) cover that slides onto the nail.

oh, and you can also train them to not claw on things. i also do that, and when i forget to clip their nails, it's no biggie. in fact, i haven't clipped them in about 6 months! lol... no problems with them clawing anything but their designated scratching post.Instead of declawing cats can't you just file their nails down?
they will just grow right back!

my cat bone has dog teeth attached instead of claws-i got it done special..........he's my guard cat-he keeps away uninvited people and rodents...........they are really sharp-if i even touch them i get cut!

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i'm a warrior cat fan-any others?

add me if so........

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i use nail clippers and just clip of the tips so they are not as sharp
I don't understand why people de-claw. I purchased three things that are ok to scratch on, and my cat has never scratched anything he wasn't supposed to. I also trim my cats nails with cat clippers probably once a week. I just started very young and now he sits quietly while I clip them....and my cat is a Bengal, so if you can get a Bengal to sit still, you can get any cat to sit still. lol.
We don't file our cats nails but we do keep them trimmed with nail clippers. Once the cat gets used to having it done it's a fairly simple procedure and much better than de-clawing in my opinion.
Beaks and claws are completly different.

Claws grow and get sharp almost daily (i'm constantly cutting my cats claws).

You can get nail caps as an alternative to declawing.
I trim my cats nails because I'm too cheap to get her de-clawed. The thing is you need to trim them every week or so and even then they can still claw/scratch and destroy furniture.

My daughter was severely scratched by our cat a day after I trimmed her nails.

De-clawing is permanant. No more trimmiing a wiggling, squirming, scratching cat.

Honestly I don't know why people are so adamant about not de-clawing. I know it hurts the cat for a few days. My Mom has 3 cats and all are de-clawed. They are permanantly indoors and none of them have had any of the problems attributed to de-clawing. Her oldest one will be 14 years old on Halloween and has been de-clawed for 13 of them.

Anyway I know it is a personal choice on wether or not to de-claw. Trimming will not stop a cat bent on destruction but surgically declawing will. Also most cats are only de-clawed on the front and still have use of their back claws if they need them.
declawing is cruel %26amp; painful, you are right on that. and yes you can trim their claws, they make special nail clippers %26amp; files just for animals, i have a pair of clippers %26amp; clip my cats all the time.
You can trim them yourself or have a groomer or vet do it. You can also buy Soft Paws - covers you can put on their claws. A scratching post often solves the problem. I agree - no reason I can think of to declaw.
Your local grooming salon carries something called nail caps. These are plastic sheathes placed over the cats nails which keep them from scratching you or your furniture. They come in a variety of colors and will cause your cat no discomfort. can regularly trim a cats nails...I think that is what most people do. Some cats will not stand still for it and need to be taken to a groomer or a vet to have it done. People need to start a regular nail trimming schedule when the cat is young to get it used to it so they do not get freaked out by it.
You can clip their nails just like you do dogs.
If the cat is a little monster get it declawed if not do not do it
You can keep the nails clipped but you can only clip them so far, as they will start to bleed realy bad if cut or filed too far down. They now make soft paws which are clued onto the claws and protect furinture and people from the sharp claws but they need to be replaced every so often. Cats nails tend to grow very fast so unless the person is adiment about trimming the claws than they are get long. Also the trimmed claws only mean that they are not as sharp but can still hurt.
how do u keep a cat still to clip his nails? mine would bite me instead while i was doing

anyway dont thier scratching posts keep thier nails from getting too long?
Yes, and my cats spend enough time outside scratching at trees that I usually don't have to even do that but if it's an inside cat you would need to.
yes you can clip them but they can ruin the furniture by clawing them to make them sharp and when ever they want to sit on your lap they'll claw their way up. If you don't want to feel pain just get there claws removed in the front. Besides they put the cats to sleep when they remove them.
personally i will not declaw my cats but there are reasons for it. yes you can trim their nails but they grow back, and you cannot trim them that far. they have veins in their nails so you cannot go to far back, even after trimming their nails, they can still use them and tear up things.
I just take a pair of nail clippers %26amp; cut the sharp tips off the ends of the nails once a week. This keeps them dull enough so they can't claw the furniture or you, but you have to keep on schedule. They grow really fast. Pat
I am a big cat fan! It hurts when they come out of the little surgery but you have to shred paper for them to use the bathroom in until thier paws quit huting. You can file their nails or you can even buy little claw covers from places. I get in a little magazine that tells me all about new stuff for cats. (and for you there are bird mags too.) The place is called Doctors Foster and Smith. You can order a free catalog form them online just Google (TM) search for ';Doctors Foster and Smith';

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