Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is the pet nail file on TV good or bad? (pedi-paws)?

My dogs are fine with me handling their feet. I clipped my beagles quick about a year ago and now I put off trimmings for so long because I'm afraid (she trusts me, but starts to get nervous around the third nail).

Has anybody tried this product? How does it rate?Is the pet nail file on TV good or bad? (pedi-paws)?
My Rottie always get a little freaked out when I cut his nails. I got the PediPaws thing at Walgreens and it worked pretty well. I took the guard that catches the shavings off and just did it outside and it worked well AND he wasn't scared of it.

My only complaint was that it wasn't that powerful and it stalled on the thicker nails (which were longer than usual). Get it for $20 it's worth it.

Follow the directions. I used it as a massager for a few days gave him treats around it, ect. for a few days before I did it so he wouldn't be afraid of it.Is the pet nail file on TV good or bad? (pedi-paws)?
It works fine but your pet may be scared of it. My dog got freaked out when he first heard it and when we started to cut his nails. But that was just first time and now he's pretty used to it. He gets a little freaked when we first turn it on and start cutting but he gets used as we go on the nails. But when sanding them you will have to make sure you know where the quick is on the nails. There is usually a line that goes across the nail and that is where the quick begins.
the pedi-paws is a pretty awesome invention.

i bought it to due my self at home grooming for dogs.

its alot safer then a regular clipper and is not really all that expensive.

$20 at pet supplies plus.

definitely a product i would say to check into if you are nervous about using regular clippers.
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