Monday, January 18, 2010

Is there such a thing as nail file for baby nails?

My 3 month old has razor sharp nails and she keep sctraching herself, I have used scratch mits but she just sucks them until they are soaking wet. I have baby scissors and I trim her nails often, no matter how I do it, her nails are still very sharp and I want to stop using scratch mits as she is learning to grab etc.. now and I do not want to hinder her development. I need to file her nails to soften them and an adult file is too harsh, any advice?Is there such a thing as nail file for baby nails?
I have been using little emery boards for my 10 week old's nails. I got them from boots, and she has the loveliest nails in Scotland, but they grow so fast and sharp to quick, ouch, I'm covered in little scratches, although little one seems to avoid scratching herself.Is there such a thing as nail file for baby nails?
Baby nail clippers!
what is she damaging with her sharp nails?

Her face probably, make sure her hands are occupied with a toy or rattle or whatever, give her lots to grab!

Careful cutting with scissors, ( more control than clippers) while she is asleep my help. It is usually the corners at the edge which cause the damage so just a tiny snip across the sharp corner may limit the damage, She will grow out of it!
No there is not a nail file for babies that young, however they do have baby nail clippers which does a pretty good job. Also I suggest that the scratch mits are a little to big, so used baby socks that will fit your baby's tiny hands nice and snug.

It has worked for my children and all four of my grandchilden.
yes go buy it at walmart
My pediatrician told me to put my babys fingers in my mouth and gently bite the nails off. I cut my first sons sweet little finger and made it bleed with a clipper. OOOHHH, I cried!
Yes, I know they sell them at babies r us, usually in a kit that has clippers and stuff.
They do have nail files. I bought a bag from Target full of little essentials for grooming a baby. It has a hairbrush, comb, scissors, clippers and nail files and also medicine droppers, nose syringe. Anyways, it was about $20.00 and well worth it. I also have a 3 month old that scratches himself so I know..this kit is worth the money because before you know it we will be in the next ';phase';.
Yes...they are really small gentle emery boards. I have some that came in one of my little medical kits from my baby shower. Or you could try using the light side from the emery isn't much different than the darker side of the baby file.
I have the same problem with my 3 month old. The only solution for us is to cut her nails very often, they grow so fast. Once they are short again she can't scratch herself anymore. Luckily she holds still when I try to cut her nails, wouldn't know what to do if she wouldn't hold still....

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