Saturday, January 2, 2010

My cat is obsessed with the nail file?

my cats are so weird, all three of them are obsessed with the nail file! they love to lick and bite it. does anyone know why? do they maybe like it because its the same texture as their tongue?My cat is obsessed with the nail file?
I have a cat who has a nail file fetish. He likes to rub his face and body on the nail file. He then gets frisky and starts licking it and trying to kick the nail file. It works like cat nip. At first I thought I had a kinky cat who liked to be spanked with an emery board. But later on I figured out he just like the feel of the texture of the nail file. I have not found out why he reacts the way he does. Maybe the smell of the nail file after it is used is what he likes, and like an animal he likes to Waller in different smells.My cat is obsessed with the nail file?
I think your cat like the file because of the smell. The next time you file your nails, smell your nails immediatly after. They will sorta smell like cat pee. I think that is what attracts the cat. I know it gross and I not quite sure why it smells like that.

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Mine do too! I have two Main Coon mix male twins that drive me crazy when I'm trying to do my nails. Most of the time I end up giving them the older nail file to play with just so they will leave me alone. They drag it off onto the floor, bat it around and chew on it for a few minutes, loose interest and come back to me again. Cats! Their never satisfied! LOL!
My male cat loves the metal nail file too. He trys to chew on it and play with it but I have to take it away so he wont get poked in the eye or mouth. I don't know why he loves it but he can be sleeping and hear me with it and his eye pop wide open.
maybe they like the way it sounds so buy them a scratching post and it is probably is the same texture as their tongue maybe they need something to scratch on and that the closeted thing they found to make a weird sound and they like it
My cats have always liked emory boards. I literally have to chase them down and take it away. I think it has to do with the texture. But don't let them have it, that has GOT to be bad for their teeth.
They like it because of the texture and because they like sandpaper. I would hide your nail file from your cats.
tons of cats would chew the craziest things..either its teething or it enjoys the texture..but please take caution it could scrape it gums or injure itself..just take it away and hide it
if they are kittens they usually play with the weirdest things!!!!

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