Monday, January 18, 2010

Nail file-thingy?

i know it sounds like a dumb question.


the other day at the mall, this. . . guy from Russia or something asked me if he could show me %26amp; my friend something.

he filed my nail with this file, and talked to me about this product he was filing my nail with.

the results were amazing! but . . . the price ( $54 for the set )

was not.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite get the name of the product, and I was hoping to search online to find it! Think you can help?

It was just 3 little nail files in a satin case, and a little bottle of lotion with 'dead sea minerals' in it.

do you know of any similar products I could buy online?

thanks.Nail file-thingy?
I just bought a similar system with the 3 separate nail buffers from my local drug store for $5.99. You can also get the combination 3 in 1 nail buffers at any dollar store; they may not last as long, but for a buck each, you can buy 10, stash them all over the place, and not even worry if you lose half of them!Nail file-thingy?
we have these guys in the uk too.i bought it for 拢25 and it was great but then i discoverd you could just use an ordinary nail file with four different textures on it to acheive the same effect.the lotion was nothing special!! save your money and go for something cheaper
you can always talk those people down in price..

is this what you were talking about:鈥?/a>

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