Friday, January 15, 2010

The new nail file thing for dogs....?

I have seen the new nail trimmer that files the dogs nails down on tv. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if it really works and if it is worth buying. thanksThe new nail file thing for dogs....?
Yes, it works, but your dog will probably be afraid of it. It is basically a dremel that has a guard on it. It is not as quiet as they make it out to be in the commercial. I think it would be fine if you started using it when they were a puppy to get them used to it. My dog was afraid and I literally have to hold him down to do it. Much easier with the regular clippers. Good Luck.The new nail file thing for dogs....?
I've heard it works, but it's so underpowered that it would take a long time to do each nail. I went on and purchased a cordless Dremel (the mini-mite, I believe). It has much more power than the ones made for dogs. My puppy doesn't LOVE it, but he's pretty good. I turn it on around him to get used to the noise before I trim his nails. Helps to have someone hold him still though.
If you are talking about Pedi-Paws then I also heard that they are great and can give you peace of mind(no more worrying about cutting into the quick).
I got one for my Father's lab... (I like clipping and then filing my dogs nails with a buffer). It was horrible! I hated it. It didn't work like it did on TV...
Yeah, I saw that to and was wondering the same thing...looks like a great invention.
they did a test on the TV station in my home town, and said it works fine.

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