Monday, January 18, 2010

Should I just cut my nails or file them?

I like my nails long, and hold off on cutting them as long as I can.

Would filing them just be easier than to cut them?Should I just cut my nails or file them?
Cutting nails is a good way to get alot of nail of in a shortspace of time, but if you like perfect nails filling makes them look nicer.Should I just cut my nails or file them?
Both! Cut them and then file them smooth. Shorter nails are better for your health; long nails trap bacteria and fecal matter and lead to more frequent illnesses for you and the people around you.
Me too, so I use the nail clipper to trim them, and I use the filer to shape them around the edges so they aren't sharp.
yes :);becuz cutting damages yur nails
I wouldn't use clippers either since I have seen the damage that they can do to a nail.
If you wanna grow ur nails out then it would just be easier to keep ur nails looking even. U using a file.
dont hold of cutting them file them every 1 days, it keeps them in proportion x

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