Monday, January 18, 2010

How do I get over my inability to use a nail file?

Whenever my nails scrape against a nail file, I cringe. I guess you can call it a pet peeve, but it is annoying me. I hate using nail clippers to shorten my nails, so instead I use nail files, but every time I use them I cringe!

I hate the feeling of it--not only that, but I hate the feeling and the sound of nails scraping against denim, too. Just how some people find the noise of nails on a chalkboard intolerable, I find the sound and feel of nails scraping against metal nail files.

So, does anyone have any ideas? I feel silly for asking this question, but I would rather use a nail file as opposed to a nail clipper.How do I get over my inability to use a nail file?
Keep doing it and you'll get immune to the it.

Just as a quiet family moving into a loud neighborhood, eventually they get use to it and it stops bugging them.How do I get over my inability to use a nail file?
Put some loud music on when your doing it, hold your fingers as far away from your body as you can so that you don't hear the sound at all.

Try not to look at it when your doing it either. Line up your nail with the file, then hold it away and file.

I used to have the same problem, i got over it though. It's not that bad. Still can't stand the chalkboard thing though!
I have the same problem. I just don't use one.
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