Friday, January 15, 2010

Best brand of nail file, buffers etc :)?

what are the essentials you need for great looking nails, what are the best ones- best brand?Best brand of nail file, buffers etc :)?
I like the Body Shop's range.

I use their nail buffer block, nail files, nail and cuticle oil and hand rescue balm. It sounds like a lot, but people look at your hands a lot in my profession!

They cost a tiny bit more than if you were to get them from a supermarket, but they last a lot longer.;鈥?/a> Nail block cuticle oil hand cream exfoliator

Hope this helps!Best brand of nail file, buffers etc :)?
There is no best brand as a trained nail tech i use many different brands and get different results i find for nail files ANY glass one will do if you can afford 拢12 a Ruby %26amp; Millie one is good but you can get colored and gemstone hand bag sized ones in protective sleeves for a couple of pounds a good cuticle cream or oil will do if you can get a good cuticle preparation a quality cooking oil will do it is essential to have a good pair of cuticle clippers and you can buy them from sally beauty if you make lots of mistakes when applying polish get a polish corrector pen my favourite is one by ruby and millie as it is re-fillable with your favourite polish remover and you can change the nibs
Ruby %26amp; Millie glass file is the best - I think it's about 拢12, but it lasts forever.
elite is really good yet again so are some of the sallys cosmetics..

ive had both and i thought they were both brill.. xx

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